This and last week at my work they held first aid lessons for everyone employed in the company. Sadly this didn’t included hired workers like me. Of course this started some discussions between some of us and I totally agree that we also should be worth an education to be able to help others in need. But most talks were about if the company itself or the company that rents us should take over the payment. I would go a little further to be honest. The question if a company can afford to educate their employees shouldn’t even have to come up. I would like to see a law that the state has to use some of the tax money to give every citizen as lessons in first aid. And not once in a life time! At least every second year until it is stuck in our heads and after that people should be able to complement their knowledge by visiting more specialized course that suit their own needs. Special treat for children insuries and illness, chemical damages, even animals if this is what you are spending a lot of time with. This should not replace doctors and nurses, but I am sure a lot of lifes could be saved and people get quicker and more adequate help from others that way. How many times haven’t I heard “I didn’t know what to do when I saw it happen” or “I screamed for help in panic but they just stood there and watched!”. Sure there will be still people to shocked to help or just won’t care. But I am sure that if people really know what to do, they would feel more confident to act quick when needed.