Well well. So I finally started my first blog. Typical for me to wait a long time and then suddenly hop in while some of the first already have grown  tired of it and are on their way to other things. But too be honest I really didn’t know what to write about before now. I don’t like people much who are just talking to listen to their own voices. So I prefered to keep quite as usual. Until now! This year a friend of mine and I annouced as the year to try things out, to not be afraid and just dare! One of the things I usually didn’t dare was to speak what’s on my mind. I’m not talking about problems or feelings. But when it comes to discussions I am usually aware of my surroundings and their opinions and trying to keep the balance. Or if a thought crossed my mind I kept it too myself. Maybe because I was afraid people would laugh at me or call me stupid. Well since a lot of things as changed and I want to develop I want to use this blog to overcome my fear of speaking my mind. Maybe the comments left behind will give me the insight that most people were trying to give me: Speak your mind and you will see that people will sometimes share them or at least find them interesting and sometimes disagree but it will show you that it is ok to not agree on a subject. I will try to write in English since there might be people reading from different countries. But I am still not trained in it so you have to excuse my misspelling and use of wrong words sometimes. Don’t expect to get a new post every day since I am not writing about my every day life but you are warmly welcome to leave comments and feedback!